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Management Dynamics , Software Engineering

The Tribe

In the software industry, the term tribal doesn’t really reflect a good organizational structure, for instance, the term tribal knowledge, means that a given software is poorly documented and its details are basically fully based on what one engineer said to another. I have personally long struggled with the term...

May 10, 2020
Learning & Guidance , Software Engineering

Code Rub

In every software project I’ve ever been involved in, there was always this issue with code maintenance. Newer practices, language versions or frameworks are released, and a year-old project become a legacy so fast due to code rot. In the past, I heard some people say, we don’t have to...

February 9, 2020

Systematic Innovation

Innovation at its purest form is to break out of the regular and settle for no other than the extraordinary. Innovation is the reason why we can talk to virtually anyone in the world today and get a response back in milliseconds. Innovation Kills Itself But innovation could also kill...

November 4, 2019