Management Dynamics

Management Dynamics , Software Engineering

The Tribe

In the software industry, the term tribal doesn’t really reflect a good organizational structure, for instance, the term tribal knowledge, means that a given software is poorly documented and its details are basically fully based on what one engineer said to another. I have personally long struggled with the term...

May 10, 2020
Learning & Guidance , Management Dynamics

Engineered Priorities

Engineering is more than just the code you type on a computer or the design you envisioned for some new machinery, engineering is a intelligent style of life that helps people become more efficient, get work done faster and achieve higher than anyone else has ever done. In the software...

June 16, 2019
Management Dynamics

Would You Hire Your Manager?

Staying around in an organization long enough to get promoted into a lead position is one of the biggest mistakes some people in corporations do. Poor leads who only got into a position by staying around long enough could be the cause of a catastrophic cultural disaster within an organization....

February 28, 2019